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Brandon & Brittany Lane, Owners

Brandon & Brittany Lane, Owners

Brandon & Brittany Lane are the proud owners of Allagash Guide Service. They love to share their experience and knowledge with sportsmen and women of all ages. Brandon especially enjoys introducing the younger generations to the great outdoors. They are the future of our outdoor sporting heritage.

Along with their two children by their side, Brandon & Brittany operated Country Boyz Guide Service, in Central Maine for six years. People from all over the country came to experience the “Maine hunt of a lifetime”. Brandon offered a variety of guided hunts including turkey hunting in the spring, bear hunting both over bait and with the use of hounds in the fall, rabbit hunting with beagles, coyote hunting both over bait and with hounds, moose hunts, upland birds and raccoon hunts. Even though guiding was a job all in its self, he also worked full time, as a construction worker where he operated heavy machinery and drove truck.

In 2015 they realized it was time to go bigger and make guiding a full time job and year-round business. The opportunity to expand was just not there in Central Maine, and Allagash Guide Service was a perfect fit. It had always been a dream of his to own a sporting lodge that provided people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Bringing clients into the outdoors and watching them harvest an animal, regardless if it was their first or fourteenth was just what Brandon loves to do.


DSC_6078 - Copy (2)George and Cheril Turner have been a key component to the success of Allagash Guide Service over the last 5 years.  George and Cheril moved to Allagash and began working as a guide and cook for us, they are both dedicated outdoorsman and have fully embraced the Allagash region.  George and Cheril began coming to Allagash in 1996 as customers to Allagash Guide Service and a friendship quickly developed.  Allagash Guide Service and its customers certainly benefit from their expertise and passion.Copy of GEDC0108 (3)