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Winter Update!

As a lot of the clubs in the area are doing, Allagash has decided to hold off on grooming due to the warm weather and the rain we have coming. We STRONGLY ask that you be kind to all trails. Go easy on them. We know it is vacation week, and there is no way… Read more »

Allagash Snowmobile Report February 12th 2017

Our first snowfall came in the beginning of December and it just kept coming from there! We had a “January thaw” that lead to the 3′ of snow we had on the ground compacted to become one of the best rock solid bases we have had in ages! Since then we have receive lots of… Read more »

Allagash River Canoe Trips

    Paddling season on the Allagash River has officially started. Early June is a great time to paddle the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, trees are in  bloom, temperatures are warm and the black flies are not a full force yet. Brook Trout fishing on the Allagash River this time of year is great, moose are… Read more »

2016 Moose Antler Hunts

This years moose antler hunts have been very productive as well as enjoyable. Spring came late and snow melt was slow, but moose sign has been plentiful. This years finds have included fresh browns including pairs, along with plenty of whites (last years) antlers. These are some of the best days of the year to… Read more »

        Here is a list of articles to look at for reviews on Canoes, Kayaks, and equipment for the 2016 season!   Best Kayak Reviews 2016 – Comprehensive Kayak Buying Guide The Best kayak reviews – Top rated kayak and gear in 2016     Field Tested: 5 Water Filters… Read more »

Allagash and St. John River ICE OUT

  The Allagash and St. John rivers ice run has begun, this natural phenomenon is a spectacular show of power that occurs in nature. Last week we had 5 days of warm weather fluctuating between 45 to 55 degrees and two days of rain. This caused the ice on the rivers to start to melt… Read more »

Maine Moose Hunting

Here is a current release from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries about the 2015 Maine moose hunt:   AUGUSTA, Maine — With the preliminary numbers in, it looks as though moose hunters were more successful in 2015 than in 2014, and Maine’s moose population looks healthy. “We had a number of moose that weighed… Read more »

Maine Canoe Trips – Allagash & St. John Rivers

Maine Canoe Trips – Allagash & St. John Since early May river conditions on the Allagash and St. John rivers have been great, dry conditions dropped the river levels to seasonally low conditions but some heavy thunderstorms in late May and recent showers are keeping both rivers up for great early summer paddling. June water… Read more »


At the end of April in northern Maine it is the time to start hunting for moose antler sheds.  Many open areas that receive ample sunshine melt out first as areas with a heavy canopy will still hold snow for several weeks and some shaded roads will not melt and dry out until the first… Read more »


The annual passage of ice out on the Allagash and St. John rivers has begun, this natural phenomenon is a spectacular site and show of power that occurs in nature.  The anticipation and speculation of the spring ice run dominates conversations during each spring, there are many theories and experiences recounted by locals in the… Read more »