Maine Deer Hunting 2013 – Allagash, Maine

The 2013 Maine deer hunting season was considered very successful according to regional biologists, early indications is that the harvest is up about 20%. I know that the local tagging stations increased their deer registrations over the 2012 numbers and there were many more deer harvested over 200 lbs which is what Allagash deer hunting is known for. The following quote is part of a story in the Bangor Daily News back in December:

Up in the County, it’s been a good deer season.
“The deer harvest looks to be up about 20 percent in our area. Individual tagging stations are up between 10 and 50 percent for the season,” said DIF&W biologist Amanda DeMusz, who noted that the Gateway in Ashland had registered more than 230 deer for the season.
Deer weights have been strong, with several over 200 pounds, but many in the 150 pound range and above. The Gateway had 40 deer registered over 200 pounds.
“Everyone seems to be talking about the deer being bigger and heavier,” said DeMusz.


These are the bucks we had hanging during Thanksgiving week 2013 of the Maine deer hunt.

Due to the great summer and fall conditions and production of high quality food, such as beech nuts the deer herd of northern Maine went into the winter very health. So far our snow pack is right about at average levels for this time of the winter, we have had about 24 inches of snow this winter and the snow pack was about 20” deep before the rain and thaw we had today. This quick warm up and rain should help settle the snow pack even more making conditions a little easier for the Maine deer herd. One draw back to the winter is that it started early and could make it longer than necessary for the deer, but time will tell, it is possible that winter could break early. Despite the bitter cold temperatures the local deer herd in Allagash has not had to struggle too much at this point of the winter, lets hope the conditions stay favorable.

The following link gives more specifics about the 2013 Maine deer harvest across the state:

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