Maine Grouse Hunting – Outlook for 2011




2011 Season Looking Upbeat

Many avid grouse hunters keep an eye towards the sky and monitor how wet the spring and summer are and how that may affect the grouse population the upcoming fall.  In northern Maine, Allagash to be specific we had a wet spring and early summer.  Steady rains in May and up to mid June kept everything wet and the river high.  Since the end of June and so far into July the rain fall has tapered off to the occasional afternoon thunderstorms, heavy rain in a short amount of time.  In 2009 our summer was one of the wettest on record but we had one of the best grouse hunting seasons in 20 years, so many grouse that everyone was talking about it.  Even though our rain fall this year does not compare to that of 2009 levels we hope that the grouse numbers can compare to 2009.

     Typical of spring and the month of May, we see many grouse in our travels through the wood and hear them drumming any time we stop, no matter where it is.  Then we go through a period in June which we see very few grouse and all of a sudden in July they start to appear again.  This July in no different, most days in the woods allows me to see from 2 – 5 hens and nearly every time she has chicks in tow, so many of them seemed to have survived the June rains just fine.  I do not get a good feel what the grouse population will be until late August into early September.  I know we will have at least an average year and probably better judging the amount of chicks I have seen in the last 3 weeks. 

    At this time of the summer many of the available openings for guided or semi guided grouse and woodcock hunts are filled but I still have a few blocks of days open, so give me a call about available openings.  If you are a first time grouse hunter in Allagash you will wonder why you have waited so long.