Maine moose antler shed hunting has begun

One of the best hunting seasons is well underway, shed hunting for Maine moose antlers.  Each winter moose start shedding their antler in early to mid December and continue dropping them into March.  Typically some of the biggest antlers are dropped from late December to mid January.  Conditions that aide in finding antlers is small infrequent snow storms and cold weather, so far this winter snow fall has been minimal and the same can be said about truly cold weather.

Early season sheds found recently

Traveling around by snowmobile is quite easy so far this winter, we have been spared a few predicted big snowstorms that would make access more difficult.  For the next 5 – 7 days we are not expecting any further snow, that should set us up for some good hunting days over the next 7 – 10 days.  If you are a avid shed hunter give us a call for a guided shed hunt for Maine moose antlers, we are getting into the best time of year.