Maine Moose Hunting Zone 1 & 2

On June 18th the state of Maine will be holding its annual and highly anticipated moose permit lottery drawing at the Cabela’s retail store in Scarborough.  The drawing will start at 4:00 p.m and the names will be listed around 8:00 p.m. that night on the state website  If you cannot listened to the drawing of names on a local radio station be sure to check out their website.

This year there will be over 3700 hunters selected to participate in the 2011 moose hunt, recently there were over 600 additional permits added to the original allocation of 3100 so many more hunters stand a chance in being selected.  I will be sending out a brochure and letter to hunters selected to hunt in zones 1 and 2 this year.  As is customary my phone rings constantly as soon as people start receiving their letter.  Our cabins fill quickly especially for the first week when more permits are allocated for but the second week should be in demand this year as well with the extra permits.  We offer guided moose hunts or cabin rentals for those hunters that choose to hunt on their own, we also have a 40 foot refrigeration unit to skin and quarter your moose and store it in during the warm days. 

The town of Allagash is located on the Allagash river at the confluence of the St. John, the Allagash is the boundary between zones 1 and 2, so we are in a perfect location for any permit holders of these zones.  There are several gas stations nearby, grocery stores in Fort Kent and several meat cutting facilities in Fort Kent to make processing and transporting your moose very simple.