Maine Turkey Hunting

maine spring turkey hunt

Maine Spring Turkey Hunt

Turkey hunting will get your adrenaline pumping, that’s for sure. Not because they are big or even dangerous, but for the sheer thrill of having them come to a call as your sitting in the woods on an old road or just the side of a field. Waiting and watching as they strut along, ever alert to any movement, feathers and fan standing tall, coming closer and closer. All the while, your trying to sit as still as possible so they come in nice and close for the best possible shot.

Maine has two hunting seasons for the Eastern Wild Turkey. There is a season in the spring where you are allowed to harvest two turkeys, but your only allowed to harvest a jake, a young male, or a tom, a mature male. The shooting of a hen, a female bird is illegal because they will be having young shortly. A permit is only good for one turkey, and if you want a second bird you must buy purchase a second permit. The second season is in the fall, when you are only allowed to harvest one turkey, of either sex.

Hunts are offered in central Maine. The abundant farm fields, hardwood ridges and high Turkey density, make this area of the state, excellent Gobbler country.

Spring turkey season begins the first full week of May. Hunts are three days/nights in duration and we accommodate two groups per week. Package A hunters arrive on Sunday and hunt Monday to Wednesday morning. Package B hunters arrive Wednesday afternoon and hunt Thursday to Saturday morning.

Contact us for availability and booking information. These hunts fill fast so don’t wait!!