Winter Update!

As a lot of the clubs in the area are doing, Allagash has decided to hold off on grooming due to the warm weather and the rain we have coming. We STRONGLY ask that you be kind to all trails. Go easy on them. We know it is vacation week, and there is no way we could ask you to stay off the trail. This warm weather and rain is going to make trails slushy or soft and if you are out tearing them up they will be horrible to deal with once we start grooming again after it freezes. Try to ride evenly over the trails and not to dig them up when taking off. If you want to continue riding on a great trail, it starts with you as a rider. There is only so much the clubs can do with a groomer after the trail is torn up and froze, especially when you add rain into the base.

ALSO, the St. John and Allagash River have opened up in places with this warm weather. I am not saying it is still safe and I am not saying it is unsafe. I will not tell you either way as I’m not a fan of ice period. BUT USE CAUTION WHEN YOUR OUT ON THE ICE. There has been too many sleds, groomers and vehicles go through the ice this year and I would hate to hear of more!

Winter is not over, its only the end of February. We still have March to ride. (hopefully) So be kind to the trails the clubs work hard to maintain and be safe out there.