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Maine Canoe Trip on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway


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The Allagash River has been enjoyed by paddlers and sportsmen for over 100 years. Since the mid-1960’s the Allagash River has been preserved and managed as a State park, now known as the Allagash Wilderness Waterway (AWW). The many Ranger stations and Rangers that work along the river corridor assist paddlers, maintain campsites and character of the river. Several sights of significance are worthy of traveling to such as: polar ice caves, locomotives at Eagle Lake and Allagash Falls.

Transportation & Shuttle

With many access points you can choose a trip length and river section that fits your paddling style and we are happy to discuss the many options you have. Our Transportation Service means that you drive to our lodge in the town of Allagash, where the Allagash and St. John Rivers meet. We will load your gear into our vehicle and drive you to the desired starting point on the river to start your paddle back to Allagash. You have the choice to camp on our property, rent a cabin the night before your trip or drive in the day you arrive. Our Shuttle Service means that you drive to your desired starting point with your vehicle and we drive it to your take out destination while you are paddling on the river. Prior to your trip we will contact you to make arrangements for us to have a key to your vehicle. Prices are based per vehicle with a discount for multiple vehicles.

Allagash River Access Points
Allagash Stream – 7 days / 95 miles
Johnson Pond – 7 days / 95 miles
Chamberlain Bridge – 7 days / 93 miles
Indian Stream – 6 days / 80 miles
Churchill Dam – 4 – 5 days / 62 miles
Bissonette Bridge – 4-5 days / 58 miles
Umsaskis Thoroughfare – 3 days / 53 miles
Henderson Bridge – 2 days / 32 miles
Michaud Farm – 1 day / 17 miles

North Maine Woods (NMW) charges gate and nightly camping fees. To view the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and North Maine Woods current fee’s please visit this link or call headquarters in Ashland at 207-435-6213.

Guided Allagash River Canoe Trips

Join us for a 3-day fully guided Allagash River canoe trip. Our 3-day “Relaxer” includes all meals, equipment, gate fees, and transportation during your trip.

Relax, see abundant wildlife, fish and enjoy the northern Maine wildnerness.

Canoe Landing / Locating Your Vehicle

Our private canoe landing and vehicle parking is provided as a convenience and reserved for our customers only.  The landing is located on the west (left) side of the river, approximately 1.5 miles before the bridge in Allagash Village.  You will see a sign indicating our landing it will say “Allagash Guide Service Canoe Landing“. Your vehicle will be parked in the large field near the landing. You will be able to drive your vehicle to the river to load your gear.

Here are the GPS coordinates to find the landing:
47° 04′ 59.9″ N    69° 03′ 35.2″ W

Allagash Village Overview Map
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Allagash River Takout Location
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