Canoe Trips Transportation & Shuttle Services

Transportation Service requires a customer to drive to Allagash Village.  At that point we will load your equipment and boats in our vehicles and deliver you to your desired starting point. Rates are based on a group of 4, add $20.00 per person for groups larger than 4.  For many this is the desired method so that you do not need to drive your vehicle on the industrial forest land logging roads.

Shuttle Service means a customer will drive their own vehicle to the desired starting point on a river. Park your vehicle in the designated parking area and we will retrieve your vehicle while you are paddling and deliver it in Allagash Village or wherever you request.  If you need to rent a canoe from us we are glad to leave a canoe at your designated starting location prior to your arrival, we charge $25.00 per canoe for a canoe drop off fee.  You should be aware of some issues before choosing this option, roads in this industrial forest, referred to as North Maine Woods, are all gravel and are travel at your own risk with logging trucks having the right of way.  The most common issue traveling on these roads are flat tires, you should have good tires and a adequate spare, temporary doughnut style spare tires are not recommended to rely on.  Several other issues to keep in mind is lack of availability of gasoline and adequate signage to direct you along the way.  You should have a good up-to-date map and use landmarks to help navigate throughout the North Maine Woods.

Allagash River Access Points
Allagash Stream – 7 days / 95 miles
Johnson Pond – 7 days / 95 miles
Chamberlain Bridge – 7 days / 93 miles
Indian Stream – 6 days / 80 miles
Churchill Dam – 4 – 5 days / 62 miles
Bissonette Bridge – 4-5 days / 58 miles
Umsaskis Thoroughfare – 3 days / 53 miles
Henderson Bridge – 2 days / 32 miles
Michaud Farm – 1 day / 17 miles

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