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Canoe Trip Outfitting & Equipment Rental

Outfitting Packages

These rental items or complete packages are designed for paddlers that are traveling from long distances and find it difficult to travel with the necessary gear needed for a river trip.  Choose only the items you need or a complete setup with our Outfitting Package. Outfitting packages are designed to simplify your planning and include all the gear on the following list. We also have rental rates for individual items.

Available Gear includes:

  • canoe, paddles, pfd’s
  • tent, sleeping pad
  • cooking gear
  • water filter and jug
  • gas stove
  • lantern
  • tarp, dry bags
  • cooler and ice
  • saw
  • map, trip planning
  • cabin before trip
  • transportation
  • camping fees, access fees and taxes

Fully Outfitted Canoe Trips

Guide for GroupMeals# of daysOutfitted Trips include cabin rental night before trip, Canoe, paddles, PFD, tents, sleeping pad, lantern, camp stove, various dishes for meals, axe, one tarp, gate fee’s, 1 dry bag per paddler, cooler, and various other items.
($350 / day)($50 pp/day)1 Paddler2-3 Paddlers4-5 Paddlers6-7 Paddlers8+ Paddlers
$700$100 pp2$500$350 each$250 each$230 each$210 each
$1050$150 pp3$600$400 each$300 each$280 each$260 each
$1400$200 pp4$700$450 each$350 each$330 each$310 each
$1750$250 pp 5$800$500 each$400 each$380 each$360 each
$2100$300 pp6$900$550 each$450 each$430 each$410 each
$2450$350 pp7$1000$600 each$500 each$480 each$460 each
$2800$400 pp8$1100$650 each$550 each$530 each$510 each

Canoe Trip Menu (.pdf)

Recently, we’ve seen a high occurrence of returned equipment being damaged and broken, some beyond repair. We now charge a fee for damaged equipment caused by reckless use. The fee is 50% of the cost of a new replacement.

Even though the local rivers are not technical and are relatively easy to paddle we can provide a guide to enhance your canoe experience, at an additional cost. A guide can expand your trip knowledge with historical information, local facts and provide you with quality meals that take the worry out of the trip. Custom trips can be priced out according to your preferences.


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