Maine Moose Hunting

Hunters Posing with Trophy Moose

Maine Moose Hunting – Zone 2

Maine’s annual and selective moose hunt has become one of the most coveted tags in the nation over the last 20 years. Due to commercial forestry and the vast remote setting of northern Maine our region produces many trophies that are highly sought after. Moose are naturally attracted to open areas and wetlands which are abundant in northwestern Maine. The Maine moose hunting season is perfectly coordinated with the rut of Canada moose, therefore these extremely vocal monarchs of the north give hunters the opportunity to harvest an animal most hunters dream about. Hearing a cow bellow or a bull grunt in search of a mate or watching a bull rake alder bushes staking his territory is priceless. So, if you think you are up for this exciting challenge you should apply for one of these permit only tags at the link below.