Guided Maine Moose Hunting

Guide Maine moose hunt 2011 – zone 1 / Boone & Crockett score of 185 5/8

Allagash Guide Service is located in the northwestern corner of Maine along the Quebec border. Zones 1 and 2 are separated by the Allagash River, our camps are situated ½ mile from the river, therefore we are perfectly placed to hunt both zones with limited travel necessary.  Zone 1 is a quality zone with about 1 million acres of land available to hunt. We guide and recreate throughout the year in zones 1,2 and 4, we do not just arrive in the area 3 days before the hunt to start scouting, we know our zones and hunting area in depth. Our guides are well adept at hunting moose by traditional methods, calling, stalking, treestands, rattling, scents and decoys or canoe if possible.  As you will notice on our website shed hunting for moose antlers is a important part of our moose knowledge.  Spending a majority of the winter and spring searching for moose sheds helps gives us in depth knowledge of moose territory and numbers and quality of bulls within our region.

A Maine moose permit is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity, our guides are second to none and work very hard to give you the hunt you want. The advantage of a guided hunt is relying on a seasoned hunter that has plenty of experience guiding moose hunters in zones 1 and 2. Our guides all work together and help each other in scouting and hunting, if one party tags out early that guide is available to help other guides in spotting and calling for their sports. Once a hunter has tagged out other game is open during the September and October seasons such as bear, ruffed grouse, coyote and muskie fishing. Hunt includes lodging, meals, guide, transportation, private land access fees, game retrieval, skinning and quartering.

We are now offering a remote cabins moose hunt.  If you want to stay in the woods at our remote cabins location for your hunt, that is now possible.  Set up on the bank of the St. John river you will be hunting some of the remote stretches of the zone 1.  Although we will still be restricted to access hunting grounds by vehicle the hunters should be physically fit enough to endure a significant amount of walking and possibly packing your moose to the closest access road after harvesting it.  If conditions permit we will also be able to float several rivers by canoe and hunt some limited access areas that receive little pressure.  This hunt is limited to one permit only, one or two hunters and includes: lodging, meals, guide, transportation, private land access fees,  game retrieval and cold storage.