Rabbit Hunts with Hounds

7513_10153785125102999_5559837159540063635_nSnowshoe Hare hunting with beagles, is a fun fast-paced winter sport and enjoyable for the whole family. Maine’s rabbit season runs from October through March. Later winter hunts as the snow begins to settle and the days warm, are very enjoyable.

The ability for a beagle to trail a hare through the thick north Maine woods amazes even the most experienced houndsman. Their small size and determination allows them to travel quickly and stay in pursuit of the fast running rabbit.

A snowshoe hare hunt begins when the guide releases the hounds in thick spruce and fir cover. The beagles zig-zag through the thick under brush until they pick up rabbit scent. The beagles howl and bark constantly while they are on the rabbits trail. Anticipation builds as the dog nears your location and you strain to pick the rabbit out of the thick cover. Rabbits tend to make small circles making it fairly easy to get in a position for a shot! But be ready, they are very fast!